Saturday, February 25, 2012

Got a small chest and butt....Hollla!

Finally there are bras and panties that are sexy and flirty for the small chested no butt girls like me. I going to be real with ya'll. I wasn't really blessed on top or in the back. I lift weights so I can look like I have some curves. Ravijour has cute stuff like this below. I'm going to order these bad boys. Hubby wont know what to do with himself. It sad but I don't own any regular bra. I only have workout bras. It just ended up that way. I workout a lot, so workout bras became the priority. 
      Now if these 80 pound models can look like they got boobs then you know this bra is banging....
check out them out

         they really cute ones run around 4000 -6000 yen... which equals around $40- 60 give or take...
and don't worry the website should be able to be translated to English if you use chrome...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Being cheap is fun...

 Hey you guys. Hubby is one of the cheapest people I know. If its not a deal he's not going to move. So when he saved up two coupons to Papa John's pizza he jumped at the opportunity. He was able to get any two large Pizzas and a 2 litter of Sierra Mist for only $4.03. I was like what is this real.
we love you Big Papa

hubby is about to be a fatty

Don't touch my pizza
Now I got to find away to burn all this extra calories off...elliptical here I come.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hide those scissor

Ok, I have been in LOVE.... with my scissors for two years now and its obvious that I'm lacking the length. I have good length right now but I could of been waist last year. The main reason is because I'm suffering from "scissor-happy-syndrome"

 It's a really serious problem. I see a few split ends and a couple uneven strands...and I must cut. It stems from I know----I know, from the beginning of my journey. I would watch all these videos of people who had long hair tell me that they cut their hair 4 to 5 times a year. So, my thoughts were, I want long hair like yours. I will do that tooooooooo!  The thing is, it doesn't make sense to cut your hair that much. Unless your trying to maintain your length. So, lets calculate. If you cut you hair 4 times a year and you cut an inch off each time. You will hardly see any growth. This is because the average speed hair can grow is between 5 to 6 inches a year. That would equal up to around 1 to 2 inches of retained length a year. I was living a lie these last two years. Nooooooooooo....... So I went back to YouTube with a new resolve and a little more smarts. What I pretty much heard ... now was across the board. From Asain to African American; they would only trim or cut their hair once a year. Now this was while they were growing their hair long. Once they got to the length they desired. The long hair Divas cut it more frequently.

 I have no idea why this simple concept didn't slap me in the face years ago. So I have hidden my hair scissor. No seriously I did and now I can't find them... I've been looking for them, for two weeks now. I'm about to just buy another pair. ANY WHO! My major goal is to wear only protective styles like this one

 and only cut my hair once this year. Don't get me wrong, I will still be practicing my search and destroy methods. Split ends are no joke. That's why I have be looking for those blasted scissor. The last time I got a trim was in November. So we will see whats poppin in November 2012...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The highs and lows of thin hair or balding...

Day 5

I just wanted to finish up my straight hair for 6 day. I forgot to take a pictures of the finish product of these braids but I did a braid-out. which turned out very sexy... and lasted all day. Again I was able to braid my bang to each side of my hair and pin them in the back with sparkly hair accessory. sorry for not having a picture of it.
 Dang my lip look dry omg....

 Day 6

Yeah, the final day. I have been trying to hide the flacks, which I know was going to happen. This why I dont go long with-out shampooing or co-washing my hair. Like I have mention before. Befor but never probally went over I wash my hair every other day with sulphate/sulfate free shampoo. I know most naturals would be shocked but I have a really weird scalp and it super sensitive to dirt...and a lot of oil... I never oil my scalp because It make my pores clog on my scalp and I can get infected follicles. which I totally fell like I got on the side of my head. I know EWWWWwwwwww. So what I did was the same thing for day 4 but I put a different conditioner in and I place 9 perm rods in instead of 6. I pinned and twist the hair to one side and BAM!!!

 I'm going to return to my favorite hairstyle very soon. I'm going to rock the larger braids for the rest of the year. I rocked the small braids for almost a year. Now that my hair has a little longer, rocking the bigger braids won't look so bad. I'm still trying to reach waist by the end of this year so we will see.

Lets get to some lows. I am also on another journey. I'm trying to thicken up my thin areas on my crown.

here are pictures of this area

with braids
with-out braids
I hate when people praise my hair or me for taking such good care of it. My journey is far from over whether It takes me to a dermatologist or the operation room. I have tried a lot of I am good for researching books and exploring every website. If you don't know just check out my educational videos on YouTube. This is the same issue that I have been suffering from the very begin. I just can't wait till I have the money to have the procedure i think will solve my problems. They say It cost around 7 thousand G's and its not cover by insurance. So i'm going to have to really save up. It would be great to no longer feel embarrassed or self-conscious. When you have something that makes you feel inadequant, in your outer appears. It effects your self-esteem. I'm learning to love and live... and if you or a love one is suffering from the same thing. Find support and know that you are beautiful no matter what anyone else says.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

straight hair journey (so far)

 So the first day was really fun.  I finally got to see my real length which I haven't seen since November.  Even in November, I didn't really see because I didn't straighten it perfectly straight. I'm still on this journey for waist so I'm not going to cut my ends until November. I know it sounds crazy but for the last 2 years I have only retained about 4 inches just because I cut my hair to much. So, I'm going to focus most of my attention on my ends so I wont have to trim. 

 I'm really tired of have short bangs. I can't really do what I want with them so I'm going to grow them out to my chin... The majority of the time I'm braiding it to the side and pining it down.... it's getting old.

 OK.... totally didn't like this day of hair. It was done with flat twist. I put in 5 flat twist. By the time I took this picture the hair was pretty much flat and dead.  My hair looks really dry, which it was I think it was the sweater. So when I got home I re-moisturized. 

 When I curl my hair, I never use heat. For a matter of fact, I don't even know how to curl my hair with a curling iron or flat iron. my sister is really good at it though. I just put my favorite oil and conditioner in my hair. I then proceed to put six medium sized perm rods in, over night. My scalp is getting slightly itchy. Which is kind-ah bad cause 
I'm loving my hair but I'm going to have to wash it soon... I will see how long I can last.
FEBRUARY 2 years ago
This is how long my curled hair was... crazy the difference in length.