Saturday, February 11, 2012

The highs and lows of thin hair or balding...

Day 5

I just wanted to finish up my straight hair for 6 day. I forgot to take a pictures of the finish product of these braids but I did a braid-out. which turned out very sexy... and lasted all day. Again I was able to braid my bang to each side of my hair and pin them in the back with sparkly hair accessory. sorry for not having a picture of it.
 Dang my lip look dry omg....

 Day 6

Yeah, the final day. I have been trying to hide the flacks, which I know was going to happen. This why I dont go long with-out shampooing or co-washing my hair. Like I have mention before. Befor but never probally went over I wash my hair every other day with sulphate/sulfate free shampoo. I know most naturals would be shocked but I have a really weird scalp and it super sensitive to dirt...and a lot of oil... I never oil my scalp because It make my pores clog on my scalp and I can get infected follicles. which I totally fell like I got on the side of my head. I know EWWWWwwwwww. So what I did was the same thing for day 4 but I put a different conditioner in and I place 9 perm rods in instead of 6. I pinned and twist the hair to one side and BAM!!!

 I'm going to return to my favorite hairstyle very soon. I'm going to rock the larger braids for the rest of the year. I rocked the small braids for almost a year. Now that my hair has a little longer, rocking the bigger braids won't look so bad. I'm still trying to reach waist by the end of this year so we will see.

Lets get to some lows. I am also on another journey. I'm trying to thicken up my thin areas on my crown.

here are pictures of this area

with braids
with-out braids
I hate when people praise my hair or me for taking such good care of it. My journey is far from over whether It takes me to a dermatologist or the operation room. I have tried a lot of I am good for researching books and exploring every website. If you don't know just check out my educational videos on YouTube. This is the same issue that I have been suffering from the very begin. I just can't wait till I have the money to have the procedure i think will solve my problems. They say It cost around 7 thousand G's and its not cover by insurance. So i'm going to have to really save up. It would be great to no longer feel embarrassed or self-conscious. When you have something that makes you feel inadequant, in your outer appears. It effects your self-esteem. I'm learning to love and live... and if you or a love one is suffering from the same thing. Find support and know that you are beautiful no matter what anyone else says.

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  1. I have the SAME problem and Its so embarrassing but I just wear my hair out anyways and try to do what I can to deal with it.