Monday, April 16, 2012

It has been a whole month since, I did my last braid-out and I’m really loving how it came out today…

I did something a little different from the normal braid-out. After I took out all of the braids, I proceed to put two ponytails in. Then band all the way to the ends, over night. It gave me a bra strap length braid-out, which I normally can’t get unless I use heat. So this is a great replacement method for blow drying and flat ironing.  
Even though I am heat training, It doesn't mean I use heat all the time. There are times where I take breaks. This method is one of my new favorite tricks for length.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm a cooking machine

For dinner I went for an asain theme. It was really good.
The cream cheese wongtong  were really easy to make. I just goggled it. Before I could finish plating my dish, hubby was eating them.

I had organic brown rice instead of white.  I was trying to balance out this unhealthy I don't think it worked.

The sauce was just a mixture of both bottles I didn't measure time I will.

Now for the veggies I had a cup and a half for all of them.

Green and red bell peppers.

Lastly I breaded and fried 2 blocks of firm tofu.