Thursday, February 9, 2012

straight hair journey (so far)

 So the first day was really fun.  I finally got to see my real length which I haven't seen since November.  Even in November, I didn't really see because I didn't straighten it perfectly straight. I'm still on this journey for waist so I'm not going to cut my ends until November. I know it sounds crazy but for the last 2 years I have only retained about 4 inches just because I cut my hair to much. So, I'm going to focus most of my attention on my ends so I wont have to trim. 

 I'm really tired of have short bangs. I can't really do what I want with them so I'm going to grow them out to my chin... The majority of the time I'm braiding it to the side and pining it down.... it's getting old.

 OK.... totally didn't like this day of hair. It was done with flat twist. I put in 5 flat twist. By the time I took this picture the hair was pretty much flat and dead.  My hair looks really dry, which it was I think it was the sweater. So when I got home I re-moisturized. 

 When I curl my hair, I never use heat. For a matter of fact, I don't even know how to curl my hair with a curling iron or flat iron. my sister is really good at it though. I just put my favorite oil and conditioner in my hair. I then proceed to put six medium sized perm rods in, over night. My scalp is getting slightly itchy. Which is kind-ah bad cause 
I'm loving my hair but I'm going to have to wash it soon... I will see how long I can last.
FEBRUARY 2 years ago
This is how long my curled hair was... crazy the difference in length.

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