Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I don't know about you but detangling has been a major battle. One thing people tend to forget is that I am in this hair journey just like they are. For these past 2 years, I have been struggling with detangling.  I have tried countless methods but never one that suited my thick and fragile hair.Well, not until last week. Last week, when I washed and detangled my hair I tried something different. I wasn't sure about it because I did it on flatiron hair which is always easy to detangle.  The real test to see whether the method works for my hair was yesterday.
I will tell you what I have changed. I have tried to detangle my hair in the shower with running water and conditioner before but last week I put a little more conditioner than I usually do. I used a different conditioner with a little bit more slip. The tool that I used before to detangle my hair was a wide tooth comb. I thought it did a good job but for me it always felt like it left tangles behind and I would have to contend with them during the styling processes...That ain't cool. So I switched to a ouch-less goodies  paddle brush. I let a little water run through my hair as I detangle and I had such an easy time with my tangles. HOLLA....! I tested that method on the worst hair possible. I dyed my hair a dark red color at the salon. I let it air dry into a big matted afro after the stylist washed and conditioned. That same night I went back in the shower and detangled and the pics below is all that came out that's it and when it was dyed there was no detangling just colored and washed plus the last time I did detangled was three days ago

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